RTP-based BioCryst Pharmaceuticals has received approval to sell its influenza treatment in Canada. It’s now available in five countries.

BioCryst (Nasdaq: BCRX) announced the approval Sunday.

The company’s treamtnet known as Rapivab is an  intravenous treatment for acute, uncomplicated influenza. It’s already approved in the U.S.

The drug is being commercialized by BioCryst partner Seqirus.

Other partners are selling the drug in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

“This RAPIVAB approval represents an important milestone for BioCryst and for our partner, Seqirus,” said BioCryst CEO Jon Stonehouse. “We are excited that patients in Canada will soon have an I.V. option for the treatment of influenza infections.” 

BioCryst has a number of other treatments under development.