Twenty-nine North Carolina startup and emerging companies spread across 13 different communities are getting a total of $1.7 million in grants through the state’s One North Carolina Small Business Program.

Most of the funds (86 percent) went to life science-related ventures.

The funds are awarded to companies that received grants through federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

The Office of Science, Technology & Innovation, which is part of North Carolina Commerce, is accepting grant applications for the 2017 fiscal year. Eligible applicants must receive a federal SBIR/STTR grant between July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. The program awards funds on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are exhausted. 

The latest grant recipients:

(Grant Amount, Company Name, City, Project)

  • $65,000, Advanced Hydrogen Technologies, Hickory: New materials for human joints
  • $65,000, Affinergy, Research Triangle Park: Improvements in the quality of saliva/mucus slides
  • $49,944, Algaen, Winston-Salem: New forms of Omega-3 for cardiovascular disease
  • $37,500, Assist Equipment Development, Cary: A socket-suspension system for amputees
  • $65,000, Baebies, Durham: Devices for fast screening of newborns
  • $48,214, BioMojo, Cary: Bio-mathematical models of tissues and organ properties
  • $65,000, Camras Vision, Research Triangle Park: Development of a new-generation shunt to enable precise control of intraocular pressure
  • $65,000, Chaperone Therapeutics, Chapel Hill: Drug for prevention of noise-induced hearing loss
  • $65,000, CivaTech Oncology, Research Triangle Park: Evaluation of new treatments for pancreatic cancers
  • $49,850, Clairvoyant Technology, Durham: Location tracking of livestock using sensor tags
  • $65,000, Clinical Sensors, Durham: Sensors that identify wounds unlikely to heal
  • $32,347, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, Fuquay Varina: More effective and less intrusive drugs for tuberculosis
  • $49,900, CTW Development Company, Charlotte: Minimization of landed parachute evidence
  • $65,000, Dignify Therapeutics, Research Triangle Park: A new product that induces “on demand” bladder voiding
  • $65,000, Element Genomics, Bahama: Technology for screening of gene regulation
  • $65,000, Enformia, Huntersville: Diagnostics for neuro problems from cancer therapies
  • $65,000, EpiCypher, Durham: Novel therapies for certain types of cancer
  • $43,155, Geometric Data Analytics, Chapel Hill: Use of multiple data sources for big data insights
  • $65,000, Health Outcomes, Chapel Hill: Using smartphones for early detection of schizophrenia
  • $65,000, HepatoSys, Cornelius: Re-use of human livers declined for transplant
  • $30,000, InnAVasc Medical, Durham: New vascular grafts to improve dialysis operations
  • $65,000, Lumedica, Durham: Low-cost retinal screening for doctor’s offices
  • $61,724, Neuro10-9 Pharma, Chapel Hill: Nasal drug for the treatment of obesity
  • $65,000, OncoTAb, Charlotte: Development of targeted therapies for tumors
  • $65,000, Prevention Strategies, Greensboro: Data analytics and modeling for bio-informatics
  • $65,000, Ribometrix, Greenville: Commercialized drugs for faulty genes
  • $65,000, Sirga Adv. Biopharma, Research Triangle Park: New drugs for drug resistant HIV
  • $65,000, SonoVol, Research Triangle Park: New drugs for liver diseases
  • $65,000, Zen-Bio, Research Triangle Park: A novel class of anti-acne therapeutics