Did you see the Lenovo smartphone ad during the World Series? Lenovo is trying to spark new life in its ailing smartphone business, and more new phones are on the way.

Nov. 8 may have more big news other than elections across the U.S. That’s the day Lenovo reportedly will introduce two new smartphones, including a powerful one nicknamed “Kung Fu.” They are part of a new avalanche of releases Lenovo hopes will revive a struggling business.

Various reports over the weekend and early Monday say that Lenovo will unveil a new Motorola (“Moto”) phone as well as a Lenovo branded device at an event in China on Nov. 8. And the Moto device is generating a lot of media hype.

Tech news site Engadget sees the Kung Fu as “solidly in the mid-tier of current generation handsets.”

“There’s also going to be a Moto M Plus,” Engadget adds.

News site Slashgear, meanwhile, says the Moto M will pack a powerful battery “75 percent larger” that most others found in smartphones.

“It’s enough to give the Moto M several weeks of standby time, depending on usage, of course,” Slashgear reports.

These devices will augment the first release of a Lenovo smartphone in the U.S. that hits stores on Nov. 1 as Lenovo confirmed to WRAL TechWire last week. The “phab” device (so called because of a large screen – bigger than a smartphone, smaller than a tablet) will come in two versions, including a “Pro” that includes 3D augmented reality capability.

As the World Series ad showed, Lenovo recently began selling Moto Z devices that include a variety of “mods,” which are ad-on capabilities that are attached using magnets. As depicted in the Lenovo World Series ads, the mods include snap-on zoom technology from Hasselblad, sound boosting from JBL and a projector capable of filling a 70-inch screen.

(Watch a video about the projector at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzDTzd6TvvU )

Photos and some specifics about the Moto M and Lenovo P2 have leaked over the past several days.

the Moto M model XT1662 reportedly will have:

  • A big phab 5.5 inch display
  • Front- and rear-facing cameras
  • A fingerprint scanner for security
  • A multi-core (“octa”) processor
  • 4 gigabits of RAM
  • Up to 64 GBs of storage
  • A Gorilla glass screen
  • Available in either gold and silver colors

The Lenovo Phab 2 also has the big screen and similar capabilities as well as memory.

For more about the phones, see: