The Nashville and Metro Council have given preliminary approval to an ordinance that Google Fiber says will accelerate deployment of fiber in the Tennessee city.

The “One Touch Make Ready” ordinance has been opposed by AT&T and Comcast.

“We’re pleased that Nashville Metro Council supports Council Member [Anthony] Davis’ proposal for a 21st century framework, 32-7,” said Chris Levendos, director of national deployment and operations for Google Fiber, in a statement..

“Improving the make-ready construction process is key to unlocking access to a faster internet for Nashville, and this ordinance will allow new entrants like Google Fiber to bring broadband to more Nashvillians efficiently, safely and quickly. We look forward to continuing our work with NES and other attachers to bring our service to more homes and businesses in Nashville, faster.”

Google Fiber, AT&T and other providers have been at odds over GF’s access to utility poles.

GF and AT&T are building competing fiber networks in the Triangle along with Frontier Communications and others.