Despite reported delays elsewhere, Google Fiber is still on its way to RTP.

Sources involved in Google Fiber’s Triangle project tell WRAL TechWire the digging and installing of cable continues in what the company boasts is one of the largest infrastructure projects ever taken in the Triangle.

However, they also point out that GF has yet begun extending cable to homes.

Whatever GF is doing, it’s not cheap.

“Google Fiber has been working steadily and surely since late 2015 on one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the Triangle,” a spokesperson for GF told The Skinny last week.

“We’re making great progress and look forward to soon providing super fast internet and other services to our Triangle cities.”

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, installing a mile of fiber cost $52,000 in a Charlotte project.

But that cost was from 2006.

Google earlier told WTW that it was laying thousands of miles of cable.

So you can estimate in your own mind how much capital is investing in the project.

News that GF has delayed or is slowing various projects emerged last week with news that GF had filed a petition with the FCC seeking to use wireless technology to expand its networks rather than continuing to install fiber.

The Triangle market was listed in the filing as one of the markets where Google wanted to undertake testing.

WTW followed up with Google, seeking more information – and received little in reply.

GF has been very secretive about its deployment plans. So WTW turned to other industry sources and these confirmed that GF contractors continue to dig, dig dig.

WTW will offer more updates as they become available.