If you don’t want to be hacked or want to keep your business plans secret, you might consider how good Google Fiber is at being secretive about its deployment plans in the Triangle.

In response to a series of questions Thursday about Google Fiber’s plans for the Triangle, a spokesperson didn’t have much to say. But GF insists its proposal to test the Triangle for high-speed wireless Internet access doesn’t mean a lessening of its Triangle commitment.

Here’s the not-very-illuminating but still very interesting statement received late Thursday night:

“Google Fiber has been working steadily and surely since late 2015 on one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the Triangle.

“We’re making great progress and look forward to soon providing super fast internet and other services to our Triangle cities.”

So whether it’s fiber or a mix of fiber and wireless, the network that GF has previously said will cover seven Triangle communities, continues to be built. And GF has said it is laying “thousands of miles” of cables “throughout the area.”

Please take note: This column is not meant in any way as a criticism of GF or the spokespersons representing the company. In fact, they are quite cordial and responsive in either not commenting or being obscure or being elusive. GF has simply adopted a “keep quiet” attitude as the high-speed Internet market has grown increasingly competitive in the Triangle. But whereas AT&T offers interactive maps about where GigaPower is available and the folks at Frontier Communications hav e been quite cooperative, GF remains mum about where it plans service – and when.

WRAL TechWire sent the following questions to GF in light of the FCC filing in which GF cited “Raleigh” as a market where it wants to test wireless ways of extending its fiver backbone.

  • Can you provide an update on Google Fiber deployment plans in the Triangle – have they been put on hold while wireless test approval is sought from FCC?
  • If not on hold, have plans been delayed/slowed down?
  • When will service in any Triangle market be announced?
  • Is GF still committed to the Triangle market?

Previous insight

Back in February, WRAL TechWire managed to get some insight from GF about the progress of its network after reporting that fiber was actually going in the ground.

“Over the last year, we’ve made great progress in bringing Google Fiber to the Triangle,” said Erik Garr, who is head of Google Fiber, Triangle.

“In 2015, we completed our detailed study of the seven towns and cities receiving Fiber, designed our network from scratch, and began laying thousands of miles of cables throughout the area.”

Business Partners

WRAL TechWire also spelled out GF’s plans for “business partners” in July, another sign that actually GF launch is drawing closer.

Why else would GF be reviewing and signing up partners to assist business clients in linking to fiber?

And when WRAL TechWire reported the following week that GF signups had begun in Charlotte, GF told us that an RTP announcement was coming “soon.”

The wait continues.

Wireless filing

Read the FCC filing at: