How do you get from IoT to OT? Red Hat says it has the answer.

Using IoT – short for Internet of Things – is easy as hype. Reality is a different matter. On Tuesday, Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) said it is launching a partnership with machine-to-machine tech provider Eurotech to help enterprises bridge the gap between hype and reality.

To help tell the story of turning IoT into OT (or operational technology, thus reality), the two companies also have made available a webinar.

Eugene Signorini, senior analyst for IoT at Enterprise Strategy Group, hailed the Red Hat-Eurotech partnership in the announcement.

“Enterprise Strategy Group considers open standards important to drive technology innovation in the IoT market. The Red Hat and Eurotech partnership helps drive IoT innovation in a way that addresses critical business issues around security, reliability and scalability,” he explained.

Eurotech, which is based in Italy, and Red Hat say they want to “simplify” and “accelerate” IoT deployments in what has been predicted to be a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity by Cisco.

Utilizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Middleware along with Eurotech M2M software, a solution can be built linking end devices with the cloud for real-time processing, the companies said.

“Through this collaboration, both companies are able to leverage their experiences in supporting IoT deployments numbering in the hundreds of thousands of devices,” they explained.

“By choosing enterprise-ready open source software from Red Hat, Eurotech seeks to offer their customers a solution that they can deploy with greater ease while extending and adapting as technology and market opportunities evolve. Together, Red Hat and Eurotech are able to provide enabling technologies that can link operational systems to the enterprise, helping to simplify integration with IT applications and systems.”

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Watch the webinar

Here’s an outline of the webinar, which can be viewed at YouTube:

“The world of operational technology (OT) is transforming. With the emergence of a new generation of smart, interconnected devices ready to replace legacy, closed systems, many enterprises are extending their OT systems and converging them with their IT infrastructure to build an integrated Internet of Things environment. Learn how converged IT/OT can benefit your business:​

• Improve decision making
• Optimize business processes
• Reduce operations expenses
• Accelerate business results
• Reduce risks

“Our speakers will discuss their recommendations for implementing converged IT/OT infrastructure including:

• Considering technology options
• Addressing scalability, availability and security challenges
• Architecting to provide dynamic intelligence at the edge
• Streamlining data formats and simplifying integration
• Acquiring, aggregating, and processing OT device data


James Kirkland, Chief Architect, Internet of Things, Red Hat
Jon Woodland, Director, IoT Solutions, Eurotech

Watch it at: