A developer of “cloud orchestration” software is about to become part of Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO).

In the world of hybrid clouds and who-knows-what-next clouds, Cisco is seeking to orchestrate its strategy by acquiring privately held CliQr Technologies.

The deal will cost Cisco $260 million plus other incentives such as retention bonuses.

Veteran writer Jim Duffy, writing at Network World, describes the technology Cisco is buying this way:

“CliQr’s software allows cloud operators to deploy and manage applications across bare metal, virtualized and container environments. Cisco says the acquisition will help its customers configure and operate private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.”

Cisco already works with CliQr technology.

“Customers today have to manage a massive number of complex and different applications across many clouds,” said Rob Salvagno, vice president of Cisco Corporate Development, in announcing the deal. “With CliQr, Cisco will be able to help our customers realize the promise of the cloud and easily manage the lifecycle of their applications on any hybrid cloud environment.”

Her’s what CliQr offers, according to Cisco:

  • Profile once, deploy anywhere: CliQr’s solution allows customers to create a single application profile that is simple and secure to deploy across any data center, public or private cloud.
  • Ensure consistent policies: CliQr automatically applies a customer’s access control and security policies to an application, and then ensures that those policies move with the application.
  • Optimize applications across hybrid cloud environments: CliQr will measure both price and performance of applications on any cloud environment, helping users to make informed decisions about the best place for their application on any data center or cloud.
  • Manage with one-click: CliQr provides a single management interface to give customers complete visibility and control across applications, cloud environments and users.

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Cisco operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP.