If you have wondered why so many big tech players such as Red Hat, IBM and more are investing in the ‘cloud,” then read on. What are the key services driving demand? And what’s the biggest ROI? The answers are found in a new survey.

A new survey of 300 IT professionals at firms with 100 or more employees finds that spending on “cloud” computing and services is likely to surge as much as 50 percent this year.

“The majority of enterprises in the US plan to increase their spending on cloud computing by as much as 50% in 2016,” reports business-to-business research firm Clutch.

“At the same time, nearly 30% will maintain their current spending, and only 6% will reduce their cloud computing budget.”

Notes Clutch, the conclusion of the data is clear:

“This spending pattern indicates a growth opportunity for cloud service providers in the enterprise market.”

What are the top priorities for companies seeking cloud services?

Clutch cited the top four as:

  • File storage, 70 percent
  • Backup/disaster recovery, 62 percent
  • Application deployment, 51 percent
  • Application development and testing, 46 percent

What’s the primary benefit of the cloud?

Forty-seven percent say “increased efficiency.”

So far, customers are choosing the “big four” for services.

  • 83% of respondents use one of the big four cloud service providers the most:
  • Microsoft Azure is No. 1 (23%)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is No. 2 (22%)
  • Google Cloud is No. 3 (21%)
  • IBM Cloud is No. 4 (17%)

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