A group of startups focusing on virtual reality known as RTP Virtual Reality is teaming up with the American Underground for a series of demos to demonstrate what has been touted as the next wave in interactive entertainment.

Known as RTPVR, the organization and the Underground, which operates multiple locations across the Triangle, announced the partnership Thursday.

Alex Grau, the chief technology officer at New York-based Total Cinema 360 and the organizer of RTPVR, calls virtual reality a “forthcoming” revolution.

“Virtual Reality is taking off in 2016,” Grau, who is based in the Triangle as part of Total Cinema 360’s software group, said in announcing the agreement. “Facebook’s Oculus, HTC/Valve’s Vive, and Sony’s PlaystationVR will all be released in the first half of this year. Like smartphones, the spread of these headsets will enable new markets, applications, and use cases that startups can explore.”

For example, Lenovo, which operates one of its global executive headquarters in Morrisville, recently began selling a package of cutting-edge smartphones complete with VR headsets in India. The world’s No. 1 PC manufacturer also is teaming with Google to build a device that will include 3D augmented reality.

Epic Games in Cary, which is one of the world’s leading videogame technology developers, last week unveiled new tools enabling game developers to create games in a VR environment.

Total Cinema 360 worked with Disney on a project that helped turn The Lion King Broadway musical into a 360 Virtual Reality experience.

American Underground Chief Strategist Adam Klein said RTPVR can help startups explore and learn about VR.

“Our members are already challenging modern thinking, and taking technology to new places,” Klein said. “We’re excited to add RTPVR to the mix and give our members and the public more exposure to VR technology.”

The first RTPVR demo took place on Wednesday. The next session is Feb. 22 at which AltspaceVR will present demos of its social VR technology. the company says its offering allows users to share a room and the web around the world.

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