In December, AT&T (NYSE: T) put on a job fair in the triangle, hoping to hire 80 technicians for its expanding GigaPower and fiber-optic network services. Part of the reason became clear this week: AT&T has added more than 23,500 business customers to its network over the past couple of years.

As of last May, AT&T offered high-speed fiber serve to 120 multi-tenant buildings in the Triangle before expanding its reach into Durham County and other parts of the region.

AT&T’s GigaPower (gigabit Internet access) offering is being rolled out across several North Carolina markets with Asheville becoming the latest city to added to the build-out in December.

Just where the 23,500 business connections were made was not disclosed.

However, AT&T also said its fiber network recently crossed the 1 million threshold nationwide. The company says it now offers fiber access in “every major metro” across the 21 states where it provides service.

The fiber competition in the Triangle matches AT&T against Frontier Communications, CenturyLink, MCNC (which targets non-profits, governments and educational institutions) and a forthcoming Google Fiber service. Time Warner Cable and other providers also offer high-speed services.

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