Business telecommunications provider Frontier Communications Corp. plans to expand its Durham operations, adding 200 jobs over the next five years, officials said Monday.

The company will invest $4.3 million in the expansion, which will provide advanced technical support to Frontier customers nationwide. among other services.

Frontier (NASDAQ: FTR) is the nation’s fourth-largest telecom provider and offers communications services for business, including home offices, in 28 states, including broadband, video, voice wireless Internet access and data security. It serves 15 counties in North Carolina, and Durham was chosen last year as the first launch site of the company’s gigabit fiber services.

The new positions will include billing and support specialists, programming and networking design professionals and field installation technicians.

The company has qualified for a Job Development Investment Grant of up to $880,500 in withholding tax rebates from the state. Payments will occur in annual installments if Frontier meets hiring and investment targets. Durham is also offering the company local incentives.