Women’s health issues have often taken a back-burner in America, but Research Triangle-based Thrive 4-7 created Mevii, a mobile health app, focused entirely on empowering women to achieve life balance and whole health.

Designed specifically for women, Morrisville-based Thrive 4-7 developed an app it says guides users on a journey to whole health. The app is intended to resonate with women and meet their unique needs as they cope with stress and anxiety.

“We created Mevii to be a complete mind-body solution designed with the person’s everyday life in mind,” says Connie Mester, co-founder and CEO of Thrive 4-7, the woman-owned company behind Mevii. Kelly Earp is her co-founder and partner.

It teaches users how to apply personal data in a meaningful way while encouraging ongoing practice and reflection of healthy habits to support lasting behavior change. With videos, practical tips, journaling and encouragement, Mevii empowers women on their path to well-being.

Built on evidence-based structures

Mester tells WRAL TechWire the idea for the app came from seeing gaps in women’s health care. ““Throughout my career working across all areas of healthcare I kept seeing these gaps between mental and physical health.” ,” she says. ““Emotional impact of chronic conditions continue to take a toll on quality-of-life. There is a huge issue surrounding mental health that doesn’t have enough support now. Supporting a person’s ability to manage their mental and physical health in a positive way is critical.”.”

Mester says she didn’t originally set out to make a product specifically for women. But the more she dug into it, the same element kept coming up: there wasn’t a product that focused on women’s emotional health facing illness.

The resulting product, Mevii, is built on evidence based structures, Mester says.

“Mevii combines three major components. We blend behavioral and psychosocial theory with adult learning using an empathetic design process that responds to people in a meaningful way.  Because of the variability of each individual’s background and experience, we build support programs customized to address these relevant factors. 

““Mevii is based on proven theories, extensive research, and user defined needs.” she says.

She notes that “empathetic design process is what allows us to create support programs that someone can realistically It’s essentially pragmatic. It’s about “What works and what doesn’t,” she says. “Instead of telling a person what they need to do in a 20-page brochure, it translates the information so a person can learn and begin to practice and reflect on results so they know what to keep doing.”

The company has raised under $2 million from angel and Blue Diamond Capital investments. ““Raising money as a female entrepreneur has had its challenges. It’s time to change that and encourage and fund more women to innovate.”

For more information see: http://www.thrive47.com