Argos Therapeutics Inc.,(Nasdq:ARGS) one of a number of companies, several in the Research Triangle, developing immunotherapies to treat cancer, has fully enrolled patients for a pivotal Phase ADAPT clinical trial of its AGS-OO3 therapy.

AGS-003 is a dendritic-cell based immunotherapy designed to give a patient’s immune T-cells a response targeted to his unique tumor antigens. A small sample from a patient’s own tumor is used.

The Argos therapy is targeted to treat metastaic renal cell carcinoma.

Filling the clinical trial required overcoming some obstacles. More than half of patients who consented to tumor collection and screening proved ineligible for the trial for various reasons. Patients, to qualify, had to be good candidates for standard surgery and targeted drug therapy.

The full trial includes 450 randomized patients.

Dr. Robert Figlin, a professor of medicine and biomedical sciences at the Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, and co-principal investigator and lead medical oncologist of the trial. said in a statement, “With enough patients screened with successful tumor collection to meet and exceed our target of 450 randomized patients, we look forward to shifting our full attention to the treatment phase of the study and expected data readouts in 2016.”