NC IDEA is awarding nearly $250,000 in grants to five North Carolina startups, four of which are located in the Triangle.

It’s the 19th round of grants from the economic development group since 2006.

Specific amounts of the awards are still being determined, according to an NC IDEA spokesperson.

The grants are non-dilutive.

The recipients:

  • Akili Software – Raleigh

Akili Software, launched in 2014 by two female entrepreneurs, is a team of workflow management experts. They are revolutionizing the way home care, independent and assisted living companies collaborate, communicate and coordinate care with the introduction of Savii Care, a workflow management platform for the private duty home care industry. Learn more at

  • Essay Assay – Durham

Essay Assay’s web-based software mirrors the mechanistic process that human writing instructors use when evaluating student essays. They provide a consistent, credible, and scalable way to assess any document on any topic, based on content, and provide substantive feedback to the student. The result is that students have access to a powerful learning resource that can help them improve their writing.

  • Luxury Shoe Club – Cary

Luxury Shoe Club is the world’s largest on-line shoe club that offers women the opportunity to own unlimited pairs of luxury shoes at little to no-cost per pair. Club members have access to thousands of “pre-owned” luxury shoe brands and styles that other members no longer wear and every time a new member joins they automatically help disadvantaged women get back on their feet. Learn more at

  • Trinket – Raleigh

Trinket is an all-in-one coding tool designed for education. Teachers and students around the world are using Trinket to bring coding into the classroom in math, science, and computing courses. The software works instantly in any browser and allows users to share programs or websites they make with anyone. Learn more at

  • Urban Offsets – Greensboro

Carbon offsets should be more than just another expense. At Urban Offsets, they connect sustainable brands with locallysourced carbon projects. This bolsters their brand because it invests in the places that matter most to their customers — the neighborhoods they call home. Learn more at

The winners prevailed in a four-month review process. Nealry 150 startups applied for the funds.

NC IDEA has now awarded nearly $4 million in grants to 98 companies.

“This cycle saw several promising applications from entrepreneurs throughout North Carolina,” said David Rizzo, President and CEO of NC IDEA. “The five recipients emerged to the top of this cycle’s applicant pool. Our final decisions came down to where our money will make the most impact, not only for the companies, but also for the state of North Carolina. We look forward to working alongside the recipients to become major contributors to our state’s job growth and economic development.”