AT&T (NYSE: T) is making news at the International CES show in Las Vegas and its own Developer summit. Here’s a roundup on key announcements, including a Wi-Fi linking case for tablets, browser calling and a rollover data plan for wireless customers.

  • Wi-Fi cases

It’s often tempting to buy a Wi-Fi-only model of a tablet computer because it’s cheaper – by $130 in the case of the iPad. But what if you decide later you want connectivity on the go?

AT&T will soon sell cases to connect your Wi-Fi tablet to its network. You’ll need to buy data service, of course, and it’s not immediately clear whether the cases will work with service from rival carriers, The Associated Press reports. 

The Modio cases will initially work with recent iPad models. AT&T didn’t announce prices or release dates. The cases also will allow users to expand battery and storage capacity.

Many Android tablets have already slots for microSD storage cards, but iPads do not.

  • Browser calling

AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher, noted the new browser calling availability at the Developer summit:

“AT&T’s powerful new Enhanced WebRTC API will allow developers to re-imagine phone and video calling experiences for our connected, IP–centric world. WebRTC has been touted by analysts as one of the most disruptive communication technologies in years, and we think there will be rapid rise in the adoption of the standard and innovative development in what value it can create for businesses and consumers.”

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  • Data rollover

AT&T also responded to T-Mobile’s recent rollover data plan. 

“As we often see, the companies who respond to original creations come up with slightly different offers and in this case the AT&T plan at first appears to be the better deal. T-Mobile requires that you subscribe to at least a 3GB data plan while AT&T is offering rollover data for all subscribers with a Mobile Share Value plan,” reports ZDNet.

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