“@windsorcircle raise brings AU ecosystem investment $ to $7.5m this year and 150 new jobs. Wohoo!”

DURHAM, N.C. – So tweeted an obviously elated Adam Klein on Tuesday when news broke that Durham-based Windsor Circle had closed on more than $5 million in new venture capital.

The news gave Klein more to talk about on Friday.

Klein, who runs the rapidly growing American Underground operation, is going to share the Triangle startup community’s growth message at the Southern Governors’ Association conference as a panelist.

“You don’t often have an opportunity to offer straight talking advice to people in a position to make things happen — let alone a dozen or so of them,” Klein says. “Simply getting the invitation is a tribute to the incredible vision and hustle of so many Triangle business people, university leaders, elected officials and, especially, entrepreneurs. I’m honored to share what’s made us successful … and to plug the heck out of this amazing community.”

The conference takes place in Little Rock.

Klein is scheduled as part of the “Creating Communities of Innovation” panel.

The Underground operates in Durham and Raleigh. The shared office space operation targets new and emerging companies. It is owned by Capitol Broadcasting, the parent firm of WRAL TechWire. 

The Underground also is one of eight Google Entrepreneur Tech Hubs. 

Gov. Mike Beebe of Arkansas told Klein in a letter: “Governors would be intrigued to hear your perspective on the ways that both the public and private sectors can better support the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Klein plans to emphasis three key points:

• Supporting universities, the talent generators
• Developing attractive environments for entrepreneurs, especially vibrant downtowns
• Using the bully pulpit to encourage entrepreneurs and shape beneficial policies