SAS is working with Amazon Web Services to give customers more “speed and flexibility,” but the deal will “absolutely not” affect the cloud and hosting services provided by SAS, an executive tells WRAL TechWire.

Scott VanValkenburgh, SAS senior Director of Alliance Management, Technology Alliances, responded to questions from WRAL TechWire in the wake of the Amazon announcement.

  • SAS has invested in its own data hosting center and web-related services. Why add Amazon Web Services?

SAS has had incredible growth in its own data center hosting services and expects that demand to grow. Our customers also are rapidly adopting the use of Amazon Web Services across a variety of use cases to support their data and compute activities and we want to be able to provide them choice and options.

  • Will this have any impact on SAS’ own data hosting center and jobs as well as future expansion?

Absolutely not. SAS Cloud continues to have significant growth year over year and expansion internationally. We foresee this trend continuing as demand for cloud-based an hosting offers with SAS increase.

  •  Amazon Web Services has had troubles in the past with outages. Has SAS received service-level commitments from AWS concerning availability and response time?

When customers choose AWS, their service level agreements are based on the platform and infrastructure stated by AWS. SAS is not involved in a SAS specific support model with AWS. This is the same approach AWS has with other large ISVs such as Oracle and SAP.

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