Triangle-based Metabolon, which recently struck a deal with DNA pioneer Craig Venter to help us find ways to live longer, has another high-profile partner: GlaxoSmithKline.

The two neighbors disclosed a new collaboration agreement Tuesday.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

However, GSK (NYSE: GSK) will be using a variety of bioinformatics tools and information from Metabolon as part of the relationship.

“We believe that embedding metabolomic profiling capabilities at the various stages of R&D is important to enhance the phenotypic ‘picture’ with the aim of yielding translatable, meaningful results,” says Metabolon CEO John Ryals.

“Gaps of knowledge can be bridged through the understanding metabolomics provides, which could lead to better targets, higher quality molecules, faster time to the clinic and reduced risk and cost.”

Metabolon works in the field of metabolomics. The company’s proprietary platform technology can identify biochemical signatures at the cellular level.

The technology has applications in the life sciences; in October Metabolon announced a marketing agreement with New York company Bostwick Laboratories establishing a path to commercialization for Metabolon’s prostate cancer test Prostarix.

GSK and Metabolon said Metabolon would “provide metabolomic profiling services and to collaborate on other research projects” based on Metabolon’s proprietary platform technology known as DiscoveryHD4.

Metabolon’s technology also has applications in food and nutrition.

The company raised $15 million from investors late last year. 

According to Metabolon, the company has now completed metabolomics studies in the “thousands” focused on “numerous therapeutic areas” and also is developing expertise in tracking disease onset and progression through various metaboloic “pathways” and targets.

The company says its team of scientists can “interpret biological data to yield actionable insight into key disease metabolic processes, drug action, and patient response.”