“One by one in alphabetical order each person is getting called in to the managers office. It is ON.”

So posted “Still Here”

But many won’t be there long.

“Just lost my job after 32 yrs and 7 months. So much for getting great PBCs [performance reviews] that still get you RAed !”

So posted “Dedication Is Meaningless.”

Those posts Thursday as published through the Alliance@IBM union website are from workers caught up in the layoffs (or “resource action” – RA in IBM speak) that began across U.S. IBM (NYSE: IBM) locations on Thursday – including RTP.

Families are affected by these cuts, too.

“I just cant believe Americans have become so worried about the dollar that they will do this to people,” the spouse of an IBMer told WRALTechWire.

The RTP IBMER in the family is out of a job as of March 31 even though there had been hope of a job when the x86 server business unit is transferred to Lenovo as part of a pending $2.1 billion acquisition.

But the couple says they will persevere.

“We will be fine because we have FAITH not in man or WOMAN,” the spouse wrote.

“Shown the Door”

Another IBM worker in RTP posted at Alliance with frustration and sadness.

“After many years of doing what I thought was the “right” way to work for a company, I am shown the door with indifference from management for past accomplishments. RTP IBM’er for many years in Div 7T. I was not amazed why so many people from China (Lenovo) hit my Linkin page in the last couple of weeks? Interesting? Sad day for me, I worked so many hard hours over the years to meet project milestones. So many invention patents and disclosures. Always played as a team member. Oh well…off to the next chapter!” –TheGoodhasGone-

No one can better tell the story of what’s happening within IBM than the workers who are being laid off – or are seeing the reactions of others who are told they will soon be out of a job. Comments range from relief to happiness to sadness.

Other posts as checked and then published at Alliance@IBM:

  • “Well the stock price is in positive territory today, which can mean only one thing…layoffs are occurring (since that is the only news that causes the stock of this dead-a[..] company to go up anymore)” -ant-
  • “After almost 20 years, the last few being utterly ridiculous I am gladly taking IBM’s package and heading for the door. Onward to greener pastures. I hope others affected share my attitude toward this action. It’s Liberation Day!” -DancingOutTheDoor-
  • “Officially RA’d this morning. Was saved from an RA 2 years ago so wasn’t surprised when I got this one…still I’m disgusted with IBM.” -TwiceStruck-
  • “Confirmed mgrs are calling affected employees in gts. I was selected but no reason given” -Ben fired-
  • “I know of 3 people who were laid off today in Essex. Two engineers and a technician in STG. More to follow….” –Vermont Woodchuck-
  • “The cuts in POK have begun. Sad day…Watson is rolling in his grave.” -SadObserver-
  • “Got a 20 min meeting invite last night from my 2nd line, I will be RA’ed today, I work in RTP NC in GBS…will post more after today’s afternoon call” -freeFromIBM-
  • “After 17 years I just got relieved of duty with no real reason IBM promised me a career not a job and I gave them everything and drank the kool aid I would encourage no one to work with or for them.” – Antrhony-
  • “Layoffs are underway in STG. Was just told that I was “safe”. Till next time …” -GinnyTookus-

And this one just hit. Not everyone is depressed.

“Just had my RA call, have 21 days to sign the ‘package’, last day will be March 31st…I am a consultant in GBS US…onto greener
pastures!!” –Liberation Day indeed-

(Note: GBS refers to IBM Global Business Services; STG is Systems Technology Group. The x86 server business being sold to Lenovo is part of STG, and some 2,000 IBMers in RTP are suppoed to be transferred to Lenovo as part of the deal.)