Cenduit, a provider of services for clients to use in clinical trials, is now adding a suite of reminders services to its offerings through an acquisition.

The Durham-based firm said Monday it had acquired Patient Reminders, which has developed technology for sending personalized messages and reminder to patients participating in trials.

Patients and service providers are not required to purchase any special devices.

Information can be delivered in some 166 countries using:

  • SMS, text, (1 and 2 way) alerts
  • Email messages
  • Voice messages to landlines, home phones, or mobiles
  • Electronic meeting requests (iCal)

The company says its service provides five advantages over competitors, including costs and a pay-as-used pricing model:

  • “System depth, rich features, capability, ease of use, and speed of deployment
  • “A passion for client care, a superior delivery process and support model
  • “Total cost of deployment is a fraction of others
  • “Deployment can be made by anyone, and third party integration is supported
  • “A pay on use model – If you are not delighted with the results ‘switch it off'”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Patient Reminders is based in the U.K.

The acquisition is the first for Cenduit, which launched in 2007 as a joint venture between Quintiles and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“We are excited about making our first acquisition – the first of many steps we are taking to create happier sites,” said Cenduit CEO Dr. Jogin Desai. ”Happy sites are more productive and more profitable, and Cenduit sites are happier because we understand that technology is only part of the equation needed for their success. The other part is a thorough understanding – and response to patient and sponsor needs through continually evolving innovative products and services. Acquiring Patient Reminders is one more example of how Cenduit enables site efficiency and patient compliance for superior outcomes in current and future trials.”

Cenduit says it now can help clients integrate all interactive response technology systems, from appointment reminders to taking medications on time. 

“The technology we’ve developed simplifies and amplifies the effectiveness of patient communication throughout a clinical trial,” said Patient Reminders CEO Mark Taggart.

Cenduit recently disclosed plans to add 44 percent more office space at its Durham headquarters and to increase its local staff by some 30 percent this year.

A spokesperson for the company told WRAL Tech Wire that Cenduit plans to add 12 employees this year, up from 45 at the end of 2012.

Worldwide, the company employs some 300 people.

To accommodate growth, Cenduit is leasing more than 18,000 square feet in Durham, up from just under 13,000.

The firm also secured a first right of refusal on an additional 7,000 square feet.