Intuit Health hit a milestone today reaching 7 million registered patients for its health IT software to manage medical appointments, billing and doctor communications.

In the last six months alone, Intuit Health says more than one million patients have started using the technology, called the Intuit Health Patient Portal. Intuit Health is the health care unit of business and financial management software company Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU). It is headquartered in Cary, following the California company’s 2010 acquisition of Cary health care software company Medfusion for $91 million cash.

Intuit Health attributes the fast growth of patient portal to growing patient demand for online and mobile tools as well as government incentives encouraging physicians to use electronic health records. In the last two years, Intuit Health has added more than three million new patients to its health portal and the company says it averages 7,000 new patient activations every day.