Corinthian Ophthalmic, a Raleigh-based medical device startup, is seeking to raise more capital.

According to an SEC filing, Corinthian is looking to raise $1.5 million..

The company is raising funds through a mix of debt, options and warrants.

Some $775,000 has already been raised from 10 unidentified investors, the filing says.

No other transaction is involved as part of the funding, Corinthian says.

Earlier this year Corinthian sought to raise $4 million in equity funding.

The company launched in 2010. It is focusing on eye care devices.

Skip Ballou is the chief executive officer. 

Corinthian raised $2.2 million in January.

That first financing from private investors was to be used to continue R&D on the device, MedCity News reported. Investors listed on the securities filing include Fred Eshelman, founder and former chairman and CEO of Wilmington clinical research organization PPD, and Ernest Mario, who was on the PPD’s board of directors.

The firm is developing a device to replace eye droppers.

Eye droppers are “tough to use and not very accurate,” Ballou told MedCity News. “They’re also wasteful. The eye has a capacity for seven microliters, he explained. An eye dropper can deliver 25 to 30 microliters or more. And delivery of a drop can be received by the eye as an irritant and trigger tears that wash the drug away.”