Founders of five new and emerging companies will try to convince investors they are building worthy investments on Thursday at “Pitch Day.”

It’s graduation time for the second “class” of startups selected for the Triangle Startup Factory.

The founders will make 8-minute presentations starting at 10 a.m. at the Bay 7 venue in the American Tobacco Historic District.

The Startup Factory, led by Chris Heivly and Dave Neal, selected the firms after reviewing more than 100 applications. Each receives $50,000 in funding.

Over the past several months, the companies have focused on product development, marketing and commercialization while sharing space at the Factory, which has space in the American Underground at the former tobacco complex.

After the pitches have been made, the companies will meet one-on-one with potential backers over lunch.

The five firms, with information provided by the Startup Factory::

  • Able Device is dedicated to fueling the growth of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications by reducing the cost, complexity, and risk associated with developing embedded wireless applications ranging from remote monitoring to point-of-sale, security, and more. It’s estimated that the average machine-to-machine (M2M) project takes two years, costs millions of dollars, and often ends in failure, which has held back adoption. With Able Devices, M2M applications can be embedded and executed on a mobile operator’s SIM card rather than an external CPU. This approach revolutionizes the wireless architecture of purpose-built machines such as utility meters and security systems resulting in cost saving, ease of development, and future-proofing of M2M applications.
  • Alekto is the first-of-its-kind credit error prevention service. Alekto uses a patent-pending transaction management system to eradicate preventable credit reporting errors and maximize credit scores. By proactively keeping erroneous information off of consumer credit reports, Alekto also helps credit bureaus reduce costs associated with dispute resolution and regulatory liabilities. Originally based in the Washington, DC metro area, Alekto has moved its operations to Durham, NC after participating in the Bull City Startup Stampede 3.0.
  • Artificial Intelligence Patents, has developed a patent-pending solution that will enable everyone – and not just experienced patent searchers –to quickly identify the most relevant technical literature. With a market just under $4 Billion, their software-as-a-service search engine is positioned to take market share from slowly improving and diametrically opposed search engine offerings. AIP developed a patent search technology management tool that utilizes a proprietary learning technology that assimilates only the relevant technological conceptual links between search items. AIP is able to match ideas, rather than just words. Unlike existing solutions, AIP harnesses the accumulated experience of tens of thousands of scientists in order to identify only the most relevant inventions for a given search.
  • PopUp is a mobile service that literally puts information in its place, delivering curated, hyper-relevant local information from your friends and the brands you trust, based on your location. PopUp enables you to ‘follow’ local content creators (people, brands, organizations and places), and have their advice and offers automatically delivered to your smartphone when you arrive at their location. As a platform PopUp provides channels for content creators to deliver location-relevant information at the place it offers the most value, offering a new form of virtual, location-based user interaction.
  • Offline is imagining a world where social means more than just sitting behind a computer. We’re building an event platform where users can discover people, places, and things to do in real life through casual group events they can quickly create, join, and share. Offline Media leverages your LinkedIn profile to create an event platform for professionals only–a way to set up and attend casual group activities that get professionals off the computer, out into the real world, meeting, networking, and building community. We’re making it easier than ever to get together face-to-face and Live Life Offline.