Let’s play the Obvious Game. I point out obvious facts and you agree. For instance, as an entrepreneur you:

… don’t have the time or money to go to another conference.

… would rather poke yourself in the eye than sit through a hour presentation given by an “expert.”

… could use investment capital, another great employee or maybe even a co-founder.

Sounds about right, huh? If so, you should give a look-see to Triangle Entrepreneurship Week. Kicking off today and running through November 16th, TEW includes more than 20 events hosted throughout downtown Raleigh and Durham.

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, sit-and-listen to smart people events. Nope, these are structured discussions and panels on topics like “How to Build a Loyal Brand,” “Government’s Role with Startups” and “Pitch an Investor.” Think 40 or 50 entrepreneurs in a room talking real-world questions, experiences and applied learnings.

So yes, TEW is another startup conference. And as Zack Mansfield wrote the other day, “[startup] conference content is broken.” Yet, what I find makes TEW interesting and useful to the Triangle startup community is that they’re taking a different angle. This event series is less of a “conference” and more of a “conversation” between entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders in our community.

Even better, TEW is a model that’s worked before. Now it’s second year in North Carolina, Triangle Entrepreneurship Week is an outgrowth of a similar entrepreneur week that TEW organizer Jon Leonardo held previously in Washington, DC.

After a solid reception from stakeholders in the region, Jon tells me he and his partners said, “Oh shit, this actually worked. Good things happened and companies got funded.” So upon moving to NC, Triangle Entrepreneurship Week launched with co-organizer Sarah Wechsberg.

TEW 2012 is set to bring together aspiring and successful startups from across the Triangle for a week of learning and relationship building. Interested in attending? Visit http://www.triangleew.org/ and use the coupon code EXITEVENT to receive 75% off any individual ticket. That makes it about $4 + fees. So, you’re welcome. Now you have no excuses not to go.