Editor’s note: David Jones is a partner with Raleigh-based .

ATLANT, Ga. – Here are my takeaways from the , which wrapped up Thursday:

• I do believe we will look back 5-8 years from now and realize some of the best companies in the southeast were started and developed during this time.

• Deals continue to get done. Many are taking longer and seeing more creative deal structures, but they are getting done.

• For the entrepreneurs: Remain optimistic, keep focused, and continue waking up each morning and keep doing all the basic tasks you need to do to build a long-term sustainable company.

• Kudos to Atlanta and its entrepreneur community for the incredible amount of energy and initiative they have put into spurring entrepreneurism. There are more “events” than ever before for entrepreneurs – ATDC () events, , , and four new VC funds who have raised or raising $30M to $40M funds targeting this early stage.

The SEVC ended Thursday afternoon with 23 company presentations from outstanding entrepreneurs. Most companies had real revenue and several had already received venture rounds.

NanoLumens – an innovative company in Norcross, GA gave a great DEMO of their flexible high definition display technology – think your LCD/Plasma TV that can be wrapped around your arm.

As the conference was wrapping up and folks were toting luggage heading back home and to the airport I heard a lot of positive comments about the conference and a real awe about the sheer numbers who turned out for the conference.