RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK,MercuryMD, a healthcare-focused software company that provides mobile solutions to hospitals and physicians, announces today that Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare has selected the MData Enterprise as its mobile information system. MData will provide anywhere, anytime access to comprehensive patient information for more than 600 physicians at the suburban Chicago health system.

After a thorough evaluation of the marketplace, Elmhurst’s physicians and management selected the MData Enterprise because of its validated and unmatched experience within the MEDITECH environment. MercuryMD has more MEDITECH expertise than all other mobility vendors combined, and its mobility products are currently available to clinicians at 55 hospitals across the nation that utilize the MEDITECH HCIS. Elmhurst will implement the MData Enterprise, consisting of MData Mobile and MData Desktop, as well as the enterprise applications MData CareFocus(TM) and MData Charge Capture.

“During our initial evaluation of the mobility marketplace, everything looked similar on the surface,” says Frank Scafidi, chief information officer for Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare. “Only after a thorough technical and clinical assessment of the mobility products and checking with references did we realize that MData is the right mobility product for our physicians, and MercuryMD will provide superior implementation and ongoing customer support.”

MData works with both MEDITECH C/S and MAGIC systems. Specific MData features for MEDITECH include:

— Mobilizing full range of associate applications including, but not limited to: PCI, ADM, PHA, LAB, BBK, RAD, ITS, MIC, DPT, and NUR

— Technology integration in as little as four weeks

— Robust patient list management functionality can be fully integrated with PCI

— Extension of relevant MEDITECH configuration parameters & administrative data – offering a “zero-redundancy” administration of MData

— Data-on-Demand provides flexibility to customers enabling them to populate customized MEDITECH queries to users’ mobile devices

Additionally, the unique event-driven architecture of MData allows for true scalability and unmatched performance, while also serving as a viable solution for scheduled and unscheduled HCIS downtimes.

“We are excited to help Elmhurst enhance the level of care delivered to their patients and community,” says Dr. Alan Ying, chief executive officer and co-founder for MercuryMD. “Our record of delivering great value and performance in MEDITECH environments will help Elmhurst maintain their status as a top-notch, progressive healthcare system.”

MData Mobile will increase physicians’ efficiency by providing access to patient information when and where they need it – whether at the patient’s bed side, their practice, the local coffee shop or anywhere in between. With that same accessibility, MData Charge Capture will allow physicians to quickly and easily capture and electronically submit charges to their billing department for improved revenue capture. MData Desktop will give Elmhurst’s clinicians the option of accessing patient information on tablet PCs or any Web-enabled computer. MData CareFocus will help address public health, patient safety, and quality initiatives by prospectively identifying patient populations based on clinical data profiles.

By providing access to patient information where and when it is needed via PDAs, smartphones and other Web-enabled devices, MData helps ensure that clinicians have the right information to make the right decisions regarding their patients’ care. MData delivers the most comprehensive patient information of any mobile solution available today and works on Palm(R), Pocket PC and Windows Mobil(TM) devices.