CARY,Simulation learning company, 3Dsolve Inc., has delivered a simulation learning course to the US Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (CE-LCMC), for the ICOM F43G series portable transceiver for in-the-field soldier communications.

The course, which includes more than four hours of training materials combined with two and a half hours of testing and assessment, was created on an extraordinarily short schedule, exceeding the US Army’s expectations of a 75-day production timeline. Typical timelines for Level 4 IMI projects can range up to 12 months and beyond.

This multimedia instruction enables urban-patrolling soldiers to leverage the next-generation F43G series portable radios easily and effectively, helping them understand features such as transmission security, battery performance and general operations. A course update will be delivered by 3Dsolve in the future to include feedback based on field usage.

When critical equipment such as the F43G radio is deployed in the field immediately after purchase, in-classroom training for more than 20,000 soldiers is not a realistic or cost-effective option. IMI is an attractive alternative, but the creation of these materials typically requires many months of production and validation time. 3Dsolve streamlined that process using its 3Dnerve software platform, enabling extraordinarily fast delivery of Level 4 courseware.

Lockheed Martin Information Technology–Professional Services served as prime contractor for the project, selecting 3Dsolve based on its simulation technologies, proven production processes, and unique development experience. “We were familiar with other simulation learning work 3Dsolve had created for the US military and knew that the CE-LCMC project and the ultimate customer–soldiers in the field–could benefit from that expertise,” explained Wolf Kutter, Director, Lockheed Martin Information Technology–Professional Services. “3Dsolve exceeded our expectations by developing the courseware, responding to design reviews with alacrity, and delivering 22,000 CDs in less than 75 days.”

“3Dsolve believes that simulation learning is based upon the simple idea–repeatedly validated by research–that people learn best when they learn by doing,” explained Richard Boyd, 3Dsolve CEO. “Driven by this philosophy, we strive to bring together core competencies in multimedia development, software engineering, digital artwork, instructional design, and project management to deliver state-of-the-art simulation learning solutions for our customers. Our extremely successful collaboration with our friends at Lockheed Martin Information Technology is an example of how efficiently this process can work.”

This is the second time 3Dsolve has been contracted to deliver Level 4 IMI for the US Army. The first contract included the development of advanced simulations and supporting software for desktop computers, including 110 hours of hands-on instruction for the US Army Signal Center’s entry-level Information Systems Operator-Analyst course.