Raleigh Executive Jetport

Raleigh Exec – the corporate gateway to the Triangle

Located in Lee County between Sanford and Cary, Raleigh Executive Jetport is a designated reliever airport for Raleigh-Durham International. With a 6,500-foot runway, a brand new terminal and ample hangar space, Raleigh Exec supports a thriving aviation community. From corporate aircrafts to business flights to one of the oldest and most well-known flying clubs in the country, the airport supports a wide variety of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Included in Raleigh Exec’s amenities are a state-of-the-art terminal, aircraft repair, maintenance and avionics facilities, secure hangar space, aviation fuel, instrument landing systems, all-weather observation system, and more. In providing a full range of services just a short trip away from all of the Triangle’s major hubs, Raleigh Exec opens the region up to greater economic opportunities.