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OrthoFi is a technology-based company that provides software and services that simplify the revenue cycle and patient acquisition process for dental and orthodontic practices. The company’s mission is to help providers “start more smiles” by eliminating pricing barriers and giving more patients the ability to access quality dental and orthodontic care.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are inherent in OrthoFi’s core values and dedication to improving the availability and affordability of quality dental and orthodontic care. However, rapid growth and the acquisition of another company made it challenging to implement comprehensive DEI practices throughout the business.

Through employee surveys, listening sessions, and a thorough assessment of OrthoFi’s operations, The Diversity Movement (TDM) developed a customized DEI action plan with clear goals. By partnering with TDM, OrthoFi has been able to foster connection among a large staff spread across 25 states and weave DEI into the fabric of their workplace culture and company practices at every level.