An analysis of tech job openings as a proportion population shows that North Carolina continues to be among the states with the highest demand for those skills.

DevRev, a company whose motto says it connects makers to customers, published the recent study, which shows Virginia ranks as the state with the most demand for tech industry professionals. Our northern neighbor had 843 tech jobs available per 100,000 people. North Carolina ranked 9th, with 543 jobs per 100,000 people. The 46,759 openings in the Tar Heel State were spread over a population of 8.6 million people.

Other top states were Arizona, with 754 tech openings for each 100,000 people; Maryland, with 683 tech jobs per 100,000; and Colorado, with 666 tech jobs per 100,000 in population.

States with the lowest demand for tech skills were Mississippi, Louisiana, New York (because of a very large population), and Arkansas. In each of those states, there were fewer than 300 tech job openings per 100,000 people.