RALEIGH — Howso, the local AI company that specializes in explainable AI, has joined forces with Microsoft.

The partnership, announced last week, will bring transparent and scalable AI solutions to Microsoft’s wide customer base. The collaboration is part of Microsoft’s Pegasus Program, an invite-only group that focuses on technology solutions for startups.

Howso’s approach to AI uniquely focuses on explainability and the ability to audit how their AI models return responses. Their efforts aim to ensure that businesses can tackle issues like bias and anomalies, enabling users to trace AI outcomes back to the source data.

With this partnership, the Howso engine will be made available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, facilitating easy access for startups to test and implement the tool. Howso is aiming to win clients in various sectors including finance, healthcare, and government, where transparency is crucial.

“This collaboration is a key element of Howso’s go-to-market strategy,” said Marina Carreker, President of Howso in the press release. “We expect it to dramatically accelerate our work to get Howso’s cutting-edge technology into the hands of more users around the world.”

Howso brings in new CEO, plans for opportunities in regulation and “explainable” AI

Earlier this year, Howso appointed a new CEO, Gaurav Rao, who previously served as the Executive VP and General Manager of AI at AtScale. The change allows co-founder and former CEO Dr. Mike Capps more time to focus on national and international AI policy and has positioned Rao to focus on scaling the company for a new phase of growth.