The Raleigh-Cary metro area ranks second only to Boulder, Colo., for remote work. The Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown metro area in Texas came in third in a recent analysis.

DesignRush analyzed housing costs, the percent of remote workers, availability of broadband and commute times using U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Communications Commission data to find which metro areas ranked best for remote working.

In the Raleigh-Cary metro area, 16.8% of people work from home, a rate 73% above the national average. An even greater percentage of the population of Boulder (20%) work from home.

More than 91% of Raleigh-Cary households has access to high-speed broadband, paying about $95 per month for the privilege. In Boulder, more than 93% have broadband, and they pay less — an average of about $72 per month.

Both Boulder and Raleigh-Cary’s get dinged for a rising cost of living. The national average household pays $1,203 per month for housing. In Raleigh, housing costs an average of $1,304 per month; in Boulder it’s even higher at $1,709.

On the other side of the Triangle, the Durham-Chapel Hill metro area ranked 9th. 14.5% of workers there are remote, and the average cost for housing is about $125 less per month than in Raleigh-Cary.

The top 10 metros for remote work

Boulder, Colo.

Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

Austin, Texas

Bend, Ore.

Punta Gorda, Fla.

Corvallis, Ore.

Fort Collins, Colo.

Portland, Ore.

Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C.

Ithaca, NY

The Charlotte area ranked No. 15.