Two months after the Leith VinFast showroom opened in Cary, General Manager David Coyle says the brand has had great success breaking into the Triangle market.

“We’re selling across the board to everybody,” he said. “It’s the best value in the marketplace right now to get a luxury automobile at such a low lease price. We have so many people willing to give it a try because the lease payment is so inexpensive.”

A 2023 VinFast Eco can be had for no money down and a $249/month lease. That’s less than half the average monthly price for a new car lease, according to Lending Tree.

Coyle declined to say how many have been sold or leased, but the Cary dealership had just six 2023s left on Friday.

Matthew Braunstein, president of the Carolina Viper Club, admits to a car obsession. He likes being one of the first to drive a VinFast in North Carolina.

“It’s kind of cool just having the first of something or the only of something,” he said.

Braunstein was aware that early reviews were less-than-stellar.

“It’s a lot better than what the reviews say, significantly better,” he said. “There are still some hiccups. That’s wxpected that with a new model.”

VinFast will sell the VF8 in Cary. We took it for a spin.

He appreciates that the company has been responsive to its growing cadre of American drivers. Most are software updates done without bringing it into the dealership, and VinFast representatives have been active in a Facebook group started by NC owners.

“They’ll hear any problems we’re having and resolve them. … They’ve reached out to me about how to fix issues,” he said.

His wife, Ashley Braunstein said she’d recommend the VinFast. “That’s coming from someone who drives a V-8 SUV,” she said.

Cliff Faison owns a Ford F-150; his wife has a Toyota Camry. He chose the VinFast as an electric option.

“With the miles I drive per week, I wanted something else besides my F-150,” he said.

He’d read the reviews, but his personal experience has been positive.

“I think the reviews were wrong. It’s a nice vehicle,” Faison said.

His new car allows about 267 miles of range fully charged.

“I have drove down to Wilmington, and it was nice, and I found rapid chargers that worked,” Faison said.

He also sees it as an investment in the local economy. VinFast is building a plant in Chatham County.