DURHAM — Start-up Opine Market has filed with the SEC to disclose funding of more than $1.78 million in debt and other securities.

The filing states that there are currently 10 investors, but also shows more than $700,000 still to be raised.

Akash Ganapathi, Austin Kelleher, and Charlie Duong

Akash Ganapathi, Austin Kelleher, and Charlie Duong

The filing lists three executive officers and directors: Akash Ganapathi, Austin Kelleher, and Charlie Duong. The three previously worked together at JupiterOne, the Morrisville-based cybersecurity company.

Ganapathi, previously a director at JupiterOne, is listed as the CEO of the new Opine Market. He also signed the SEC filing. Duong was previously JupiterOne’s Principal Architect and Kelleher a Principal Software Engineer. Duong and Kelleher also worked together at LifeOmic prior to JupiterOne.

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According to LinkedIn, the three are working on a “stealth” start-up, the designation used for a business that is launched with some degree of secrecy. They have not disclosed many details of the new company, which was registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State in September of this year. A LinkedIn post from Ganapathi in September announced the formation of the company and stated that it is in the “security” space. It also mentioned an anticipated MVP (minimum viable product) in “a few weeks.”

The company first filed with the SEC in September for an initial fundraising of $50,000. An amended filing in late October increased the amount to $700,000. The most recent filing is another amendment, aiming for a total raise of $2.5 million. The filing also states that $10,000 is the minimum amount of any single investor.