RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The Triangle is one of the first markets where Google Fiber (GFiber) will roll out its ultra-fast 20-gigabit internet service. But it’s not cheap: $250 per month.

Orders are now being taken, GFiber says. Installations are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024. Plans for 20 gig were announced in October.

The service also includes a faster version of Wi-Fi known as Wi-Fi 7.

At 20 gigabits per second experts say users can expect to sharply reduce delays (or latency) that pause or slow videos and gaming similar to what streaming customers tend to see at home.

Fast, faster, fastest …

In other words, the hyped metaverse will get more real and people working from home will be able to download and upload huge data files such as video.

Tom Snyder, executive director of the Raleigh-based RIoT (internet of things) organization, sees many benefits to the new speeds.

“Prior fiber networks capped out around 10 gig, but new technology theoretically can reach 50 gig, so the 20 gig service is impressive and at least twice what was available before,” Snyder told TechWire in October.

“Increasing capacity to 20G will help games and other applications that are latency (delay) sensitive,” added Mark Johnson, a top broadband executive with roles at the UNC System, the state of North Carolina and statewide fiber provider MCNC.

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The service will include networking gear linked to GFiber’s broadband network  and enables simultaneous multi-gig streams, according to a video demonstration.

Installations will begin in the first quarter, according to Nick Saporito, Head of Product for GFiber.

“At $250, it’s a lot of speed for that price, and we know that it will enable innovators who want to be able to push what’s possible to truly get to work,” Saporito said in the announcement.

For a demonstration of what the service can deliver, watch this video:

The 20 gigabit speed is faster than any other commercially available service in the Triangle. Among other providers, AT&T and EarthLink both offer access up to 5 gig, according to (Check here to find other high-speed services.)

Google also offers a new 8 gig service at $150 a month.

Costs start at $70 for 1 gig; 2 gig costs $100; 5 gig is $125.

Other early markets for the faster services include Kansas City and GFiber markets in Arizona and Iowa.

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