RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Job postings in the Triangle rose slightly this week, but openings remain in the low 220k range, according to the exclusive WRAL TechWire Jobs Report.

Ramchandra Athavale, a Career Coach at Wake Technical Community College, spoke with TechWire about a job market that he thinks is “more competitive than last year,” especially for tech-focused careers.

“Many IT Companies hired more people than they could use in 2022, and they ended those positions in 2023,” Athavale told TechWire over email. “That being said, most Health Science jobs are in strong demand. Students from many Wake Tech programs are still getting hired.”

According to Athavale, the most in-demand positions for the Triangle area are data analysts, data scientists, and statisticians.

“Many business decisions are being made based on data and projections,” said Athavale.

He also said that, thanks to the high number of life science companies in the area, there is a need for professionals to help handle the supplies and materials coming into this Triangle.

“This has created a need for more Logistic Coordinators, Logistic Associates, and Supply Chain Associates,” said Athavale. “These jobs start with livable wages for those with an associate degree and there is career path growth up to 100k+ with additional education.”

Advice for job hunters from a Wake Tech Career Coach

Athavale’s focus is helping Wake Tech students prepare for these jobs.

“In Career Services we help students prepare optimally so that they can strongly compete for jobs,” he said. “We provide coaching support for career exploration to ensure students understand how their skills, abilities, passions match the industry they are entering in and communicate it effectively. We also assist with networking skills and ‘soft’ skill development.”

When asked about his advice for job seekers, he focused on one word: persistence.

“I have a poster in my office that starts with the word ‘Persistence,'” said Athavale. “I think it is very important for students to persist during their job search.”

The guidelines from the poster that Athavale focuses on include:

  1. Treat your job search as a full-time job. “Because it is,” said Athavale.
  2. Follow-up applications with phone calls, and interviews with thank-you notes. “In our world, I think it is underestimated how effective kindness can be,” said Athavale. “Simple things like sending thank-you notes can make quite an impression.”
  3. Try not to let rejection dampen your resolve; just keep trying. “I had to job hunt myself in the last several years,” said Athavale. “I understand that it is easy to get dejected. However, I kept trying, and I found wonderful employment in the field that I enjoy.”

Athavale also said that students should prioritize their own mental health while on a job hunt; he encourages them to take breaks, celebrate small wins, and take “time just for themselves and their families.”

Preparing for one-way interviews and ‘cultural fit assessments’

Athavale advises job hunters to focus on “soft skills” and to recognize that employers may require “cultural fit assessments.”

“Researching companies before doing these assessments, practicing appropriate interview question responses, and making sure they are clear on how their values match those of the company is critical,” said Athavale.

He also mentioned a newer interview trend that his department supports at Wake Tech.

“One interviewing trend that I have seen is the use of a ‘one-way’ interview for an initial screening interview,” said Athavale. “The student receives questions through a video platform that they must answer as a response video. There is no interaction with a person from the organization. Fortunately, we have a software tool that students can use that simulates this process.”

In an October 2023 article for Forbes, Michelle Ray of Blackwell HR Solutions said that candidates can prepare for one-way recorded interviews by “practicing ahead of time.”

“Candidates can simulate mock interviews by ensuring their environment is optimally set up, anticipating interviewer questions and conducting technical checks,” Ray said in the article. “One-way recorded video interviews can feel intimidating but taking a deep breath at the onset can help make it a better experience.”

WRAL TechWire Jobs Report for December 4

The jobs report aggregates data from 20 location-based job board searches. Last week, job openings in the Triangle were the lowest since WRAL TechWire began tracking this data. This week, openings rose 1.1%, with 216,790 active listings (not accounting for post duplications).

Take a look at the trend:


Below, we’ve gathered the latest upcoming job fairs, student-centric resources, and a list of Twitter accounts that track local job openings. If you’re a student looking for an internship or entry-level position at a local company or organization, your university has resources to help you get started. Quick links below:

For Johnston County job seekers: The recently launched JoCo Careers website helps job seekers find companies hiring in Johnston County. (More TechWire coverage here.)


Here are some locally run Twitter accounts that regularly share job openings in the Triangle: