Streaming as a Career: A Daunting Task

While many gamers dabble in streaming, establishing a career in this field proves challenging for most. Only 51% report making money from streaming, with the average earnings amounting to a modest $1,264 over the past 12 months. Nevertheless, this income is sufficient for 10% of respondents to consider quitting their conventional jobs to stream full-time.

Perceptions of Streaming as a Legitimate Job

A significant number of gamers, 69% to be precise, assert that streaming should be recognized as a legitimate job industry in its own right. This sentiment was particularly strong among millennials (80%) and Gen Z (79%). Baby boomers exhibited less enthusiasm, with only 46% endorsing streaming as a “real job.”

Requirements for a Successful Streaming Career

Participants outline key criteria for a successful streaming career. These include collaborating with other streamers or creators (56%), earning income from streaming (53%), maintaining a regular streaming schedule (48%), and securing sponsorships or brand deals (48%).

A “successful” streamer attracts an average of 3,277 regular viewers per month. They earn an annual income of approximately $29,172 while streaming for an average of 22 hours per week. They also possess essential equipment such as a computer, chair, headphones, fast internet connection, a quality camera setup, and a high-quality microphone.

Perceived Ease of Becoming a Successful Streamer

Surprisingly, 59% of respondents believed that becoming a successful streamer is a relatively straightforward endeavor, while only 21% considered it difficult. Generationally, Gen Z was most optimistic, with 76% regarding it as easy, while 38% of baby boomers found it challenging.

Streaming’s Cultural and Community Impact

Respondents ranked streamers as more culturally important than comedians (65%), athletes (64%), and writers (62%), but less so than actors (16%) and music artists (12%). Streamers were deemed as vital to communities as lawmakers (47%) and on par with educators (50%) and healthcare workers (46%).

Streaming’s Ongoing Evolution

As streaming continues to gain traction, 20% of respondents believe it could replace traditional televised entertainment within five years, while 8% contend it has already done so.

Ross Falk, marketing lead at World of Warships Americas, notes, “We’re clearly only in the beginning stages of streaming taking off as a career path. What’s really exciting is watching what’s going to happen in the near future and how younger people are preparing themselves for careers that are forever changing the definition of entertainment.”

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.