RALEIGH — Raleigh AI startup Diveplane has rebranded itself. The company has announced a name change to Howso.

Along with the name change comes a new focus on what the company says is transparency in AI development. Howso is making their “Howso Engine” available via open source terms on Github.

They’re also launching the Howso Synthesizer, which is a solution for generating synthetic data. The creation of quality synthetic data is a key task, often used to test data tools without concerns about privacy and governance. SAS also announced more work on their synthetic data solutions this week.

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Diveplane was already unique as an AI company. Started in 2017, the company had frequently espoused concerns over transparency in AI.

“Big picture, we want to keep human decision-making in automated systems,” cofounder Mike Capps told WRAL TechWire in 2021. “We call it, keeping the humanity in AI.”

The shift to an open-source engine emphasizes that focus, providing the Howso engine that allows fully traceable and auditable responses. This is made possible by utilizing instance-based learning (IBL) versus the more traditional neural network AIs that form ChatGPT and other models.

Howso should be well-funded; Diveplane raised $25 million in a series A fundraiser last September. The company is co-founded by Dr. Chris Hazard and Mike Resnick.

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