RALEIGH – North Carolina’s capital is the nation’s No. 2 ranked city as being most resilient to climate change, according to a new study from Architectural Digest.

“Though Raleigh is located just a few hundred feet above sea level and ranks 44 out of 50 for clean energy infrastructure, Raleigh ranks third in the country for climate change readiness and adaptability, beaten only by Seattle and Minneapolis,” report the magazine.

Raleigh received 115 points out of a possible 136.

“This city also boasts 217 days of ‘good’ air quality, compared to Denver’s 84 days,” the report adds.

Denver topped the list with 120 points. Salt Lake City took third with 114 points.

Charlotte ranked fifth with 11 points, just behind No. 4 Seattle at 112.

The study was based on seven “key factors using data from the NOAA, University of Notre Dame’s Urban Adaptation Assessment, EPA and other sources,” Architectural Digest adds.

How are the top ranked cities similar?

“As you might expect, our top-ranked cities had a few things in common: They were likely to have lower populations, higher elevations, fewer adverse weather conditions, and lower overall exposure to flooding,” according to the magazine.

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