RALEIGH – Red Hat faces more upheaval in the world of Linux following recent moves making it harder for other companies to access the latest code utilized on its top product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

“Today, Oracle, SUSE and CIQ (the commercial entity behind Rocky Linux) are launching a more formal pact in the form of the Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA), which describes itself as a ‘community repository for enterprise Linux sources,'” reports TechCrunch.

“In the context of the Red Hat saga, OpenELA’s tagline says a lot: ‘No subscriptions. No passwords. No barriers. Freeloaders welcome.'”

A welcome mat

“Absolutely everyone is welcome to join!,” the group declares.

“From Enterprise Linux downstream derivatives, to organizations that depend on Enterprise Linux, to vendors, and indivduals who just love being part of something amazing, YOU ARE INVITED!

“We are still in the early makings of the project, so the first step in becoming part of what we are doing is to reach out to us! You can email us at info@openela.org or just jump into our Slack channel here”

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