SANFORD – VinFast has submitted its site plan for the huge electric vehicle assembly plant complex in plans to build in Chatham County – and it’s huge.

In addition to the plan and details for buildings that are part of the site VinFast also provided a rendering of what the main building will look like.

The Vietnam-based manufacturer proposes that the factory complex will cover 2.8 million square feet near Moncure at the  advanced manufacturing site called Triangle Innovation Point. That compares to the 1 million square feet-plus size of Durham-based Wolfspeed’s new semiconductor plant that also is being built in the county.

The new information comes after VinFast said plans are proceeding for a merger that is expected to generate more than $20 billion in order to provide capital for its expansion efforts.

VinFast paid $44 million for the 1,700-plus acre Chatham site in 2022.

First planned to open in 2024, the company earlier this year moved the launched to 2025.

VinFast expects to hire more than 7,000 people and invest some $2 billion in the first phase of construction at the plant as well as battery production facilities. Total investment is expected to reach more than $4 billion.

A diagram of the VinFast plant included in its site plan.

According to the site plan the following main structures are planned:

  • Body shop: 779,400 square feet (height: 38’8″)
  • Central energy plant: 33,00 square feet (height: 32’8″)
  • General assembly: 995,900 square feet (height: 38’8″)
  • Press shop: 497,950 square feet (height: 75’2″)
  • Paint shop: 513,200 square feet (height: 74′)

Smaller buildings: Guard house (288 square feet), Pump house (800 square feet), waste building (8,200 square feet).

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Toyota, Wolfspeed, Vinfast all are investing in new manufacturing plants.

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