RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Reactive Biosciences Inc. of Durham (formerly Boragen) has raised $4 million in debt. The company last raised more than $23 million in equity funding in the fall of 2022.

Julie Grant, the company’s CEO, signed the SEC filing for the company, which states the $4 million comes from 10 investors. The date of the first sale was June 12, according to the filing, with the filing signed ten days later.

Reactive Biosciences – formerly Boragen – raises $23.5M, more could be on the way

Reactive Biosciences is focused on using the chemical boron to access previously unavailable bonding points in structure-based drug design, allowing for potentially novel medicines and solutions.

Boragen Inc. split in 2022 to facilitate boron research in three separate industries: human health, animal health, and crop protection. The crop protection arm joined forces with biotechnology company AgriMetis and formed 5Metis, also located in the Triangle.

3 new companies spring to life from boron research at RTP-based Boragen