TikTok is killing off an in-app feature that was a close copy of the social media platform BeReal.

The feature, called TikTok Now, was just launched in September and gave users daily prompts to capture 10-second video or a picture using the front and back camera on their phones.

TikTok said in a statement on Tuesday that a notification was sent to users letting them know the feature would be discontinued. It said users could still access previous posts they made with TikTok Now.

“We’re excited to use the feedback we’ve gained through TikTok Now as we continue building ways for the TikTok community to create and connect over shared entertainment,” said TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer.

TikTok Now was launched as BeReal was gaining popularity among users last year. The app notified users to take photos at random moments in an effort to reflect more genuine experiences, eschewing picture-perfect posts often found on other platforms like Instagram.

Seeing its popularity, Snapchat and Instagram launched similar features last year, but whether users will remain interested in a more authentic experience remains to be seen.

The market intelligence firm Sensor Tower said despite its growth, only 9% of users opened the app daily during the third quarter of last year. BeReal said in April it had 20 million daily active users.