RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Imagine what you and your organization or business could do with internet services delivered at 20 gigabits. As Google Fiber describes it, that speed makes “virtual reality less virtual and more reality.” And you have a chance to test a faster speed limit for your data, streaming, gaming and more.
Google Fiber is looking for  “eight more organizations  — businesses, non-profits, educational institutions — to help test 20 Gig in Austin, Huntsville, Raleigh-Durham and Salt Lake City,” the company says.
Three stipulations are outlined for companies seeking to apply:
  • You’re downloading or uploading massive datasets
  • You’re conducting research that really needs significantly more bandwidth
  • You tell us! — You’re working on some future-focused technology we haven’t even heard of, but it needs a lot of bandwidth

Nick Saporito, Head of Multi-gig & Commercial Product,wrote in a blog about why larger organizations with big bandwidth demand were needed vs. even big, bigger, biggest home users:

“Last fall … I was testing our 20 Gig product in my home. Yes, I have the speed test to prove it, but to be honest, my household can’t really test the limits of what that much internet speed can do. We tried — we streamed as many World Cup games in 4K as we had devices, but we didn’t even come close to using it all.”

Here’s the dashboard Google Fiber tweeted from a 20G test “with our friends at the University of Missouri-Kansas City,”

Google image

Google is expanded its geographic footprint in North Carolina and at other metros around the country. It’s offering speeds up to 8 gig.


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By the way, even 20G is just a fraction of what fiber can deliver. “One strand of fiber-optic cable can transmit up to 44 Tbps. To put that into context, one terabyte is equal to 1 million megabits,” says Frontier Communications.