RALEIGH – Now here’s a startup coworking space with a unique spin: A place to work, see some of the world’s best “hypercars” (think Vin Diesel, Fast & Furious, Ferrari – you get the idea) and socialize through a private club.

Car Space is nearing its opening in North Raleigh – and the launch comes in about two months after big news today: The company has landed $1.5 million in see capital from another firm with hypercar connections: HyperNFT, which is based in California.

The focus: providing “spaces that fuel your inner drive,” Car Space declares at its website.

One amenity of note: Racing simulators.

The pitch: Car Space “combines the best of both worlds: a state-of-the-art coworking and office space and a private social club for car enthusiasts.”

“This infusion of funds is going to turbocharge our expansion plans and bring our unrivaled concept of blending upscale coworking and a private social club tailored to car aficionados to even more cities. But hold on tight, because there’s more. We’re revving up the excitement by showcasing some of the most coveted hypercars in the world, straight from the HyperNFT collection, at our Raleigh location. Get ready to enjoy a breathtaking array of Bugattis, Koenigseggs, Paganis, and other vehicles that will take your breath away,” said Dave Younts, co-founder and CEO of  Car Space, in the funding news. Younts is a Duke MBA, by the way, and grew up in Charlotte as a car fan.

The startup has now raised $2,7 million, according to the company.

A “hypercar” displayed at HyperNFT’s website

Hypercars explained

But first: So what’s a hypercar?

“A hypercar pushes the boundaries of what is possible — while a supercar offers world-class performance, a hypercar goes a step further. Put another way, hypercars are the 1% of supercars, boasting cutting-edge engineering and technology to offer speeds that can only truly be harnessed by a professional in a track setting. These are vehicles for the true racing enthusiasts,” says Continental Auto Sports.

Defining the space

Next: What’s Car Space include at its 5200 Greens Dairy Road in Raleigh?

It’s a “premier luxury coworking space and private social club” and will “display hypercars in Car Space’s North Carolina club locations.” Yes, expansion is alreaday planned in Charlotte and Charleston, S.C.

This round brings Car Space’s total funding to approximately $2.7 million.

Beyond the cars and the club, offerings on the startup hub side include:

  • Offices Starting at $800 / month
  • Furnished Adjustable Desks & Steelcase Chairs
  • Dedicated Member Experience Manager
  • Daily Craft Coffee & Weekly Free Beer
  • Private Conference Rooms
  • 30 Desk Training Classroom

Then there’s the Club.

“Build relationships with other car enthusiasts over a cocktail at our lounges and gathering spaces,” Car Space says.

Image via Car Space website

The founders

Profiles provided by Car Space:

  • Dave C. Younts, Co-Founder & CEO
Raised in Charlotte, NC, Dave grew up in the hometown of NASCAR and US motorsports and developed a love for cars at an early age. He has co-founded two successful startups, one being accepted into a Techstars Accelerator. Dave is a decorated US Army veteran, Duke MBA, and accomplished startup founder, early stage business investor and consultant. Dave was the second advisor hired at VeVe and helped the company develop its capital raising and early marketing strategy in 2018, before returning to VeVe in 2020 and serving as Head of Marketing.
  • Anthony You, Co-Founder & CRO
Graduating with Honors from Georgia Tech with a BS in ISyE and a minor in Economics, Anthony moved to NYC to start as a computer consultant and then moved into technology sales. From there Anthony pursued his dream of owning his own company and started a Medical Distribution company after 8 years of working in the medical distribution field.  Anthony was the founder of Summit Xpress Medical Supply in 2010 which was a pioneer in the distribution of DMEnproducts across the country. Since 2010, Anthony has developed 2 medical distribution companies and a printing company to follow his passion in design.
  • Jonathan Fifield, Co-Founder & COO
Jonathan grew up with a passion for cars which has manifested into a lifelong journey of building and racing cars, growing car enthusiast communities, and managing multiple automotive dealerships. Over his 17 year career in the automotive industry, Jonathan climbed the ranks at Hendrick Automotive and Deacon

Jones, where he led as a regional manager. Simultaneously, Jonathan found time to serve within his community by planning charitable car rallies, car shows benefitting Toys for Tots.