CARY – Data analytics software leader SAS goes overboard with its hype of the artificial intelligence for its SAS Viya platform, saying it’s “as easy as pie.” No AI is simple. But Cary-based SAS believes it continues to prove the recipe of Viya is a successful one – and it gets another chance to cook up some solutions at a “Bake-Off” today being put on by tech giant Gartner.

Who knew numbers-crunching data scientists had a sense of humor?

The consulting firm’s “Bake-Off” event focusing on data science and machine learning will include three vendors – SAS and two others that  weren’t identified – at the Gartner trade show in Florida.

The event isn’t a ChatGPT showcase with AI rendering thoughts and opinions – or creating art. No, the cooking is hard-and-fast data analytics, crunching numbers not commentary or trying to be witty.

So what’s up?

“The bake-offs are fast-paced, informative sessions that let you see three vendors side-by-side using scripted demos and a common data set in a controlled setting,” Gartner says. “This bake-off focuses on data science and machine learning vendors with significant momentum in the market. What are the key features to consider and how do they compare in action? What are the main strengths and weaknesses of these vendors? What innovations are coming?”

SAS sees the event – and another coming up later this spring in London – as chances to demonstrate a variety of Viya ingredients and mixes.

“Whether they program in SAS or prefer open source, SAS’ AI and analytic solutions on SAS Viya give users of all skill levels access to agile, powerful advanced machine learning to help master complex data in the cloud,” said Carlos Pinheiro, Distinguished Data Scientist at SAS, in a statement ahead of the event.

He “will roll up his sleeves,” SAS says.

“From data to discovery to deployment, users will see firsthand how lightning-fast SAS Viya takes the cake in turning data into decisions,” Pinheiro notes.

SAS describes its “secret ingredient” as the Viya platform.

It will be interesting to see what Pinheiro whips up.