FAYETTEVILLE – Metronet has opened a storefront in a shopping center in Fayetteville as the company continues to follow-through on its commitment to invest $70 million in broadband infrastructure.

“Metronet’s storefront will be a valuable asset to Fayetteville,” said Robert Van Geons, President and CEO of the Fayetteville Economic Development Center, in a statement. “Metronet’s investment has strengthened our city’s continued economic development, providing residents and businesses with advanced fiber optic technology that will propel us forward as a growing city.”

The fiber optic internet provider operates in more than 250 communities across 16 U.S. states and is expanding in Fayetteville and Cumberland County to extend access to 100 percent fiber optic internet service with speeds up to 10 gigabits.

“Metronet is committed to providing the very best fiber optic network design and quality for communities throughout the country. We are honored to continue providing ultra-high-speed internet speeds to Fayetteville residents and businesses while increasing our local presence throughout the community,” said John Autry, Metronet Regional Sales Manager, Community Development, in a statement. “Our Fayetteville storefront will be the very first to feature our interactive new concept design, which will allow us to serve customers better than ever before.”

Metronet is based in Indiana and announced the expansion into Fayetteville in 2021.

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