Editor’s note: It may seem hard to believe there was a world of communications before texting. But TXT became reality 30 years ago today. In a blog post written by Stephanie Lashley, Raleigh-based Bandwidth, which providers a wide variety of messaging services and other broadband communications applications, recaps the rise of texts.


Merry Christmas!

No, we’re not wishing you early good tidings. On December 3rd, 1992, that festive expression was the first text message ever sent by Vodafone developer Neil Papworth via his PC to a Nokia cell phone.

30 years later, an estimated 5 billion people worldwide are sending and receiving messages, making texting one of the most popular communication methods.

However, SMS [Short Message/Messaging Service] had humble beginnings when first starting as a new technology. Let’s look at how texting has transformed over the last three decades.

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