This article was written for our sponsor, CBRE|Raleigh.

National developers have been flocking to local markets recently due to the COVID pandemic, but this interest has been building for some time. There are many reasons for this shift, including the high cost of living and doing business in large metros and the increased difficulty of finding developable land. Raleigh-Durham is a particularly attractive market for national developers due to its strong economy, quality of life, and educated workforce. In addition, the central location within the region allows easy access to major highways, housing, RDU International Airport and amenities.


CBRE|Raleigh has a long history of advising clients on mixed-use development projects in the area. To help clients achieve their goals, CBRE|Raleigh has built a team of experts that combines local experience with regional, national, and global relationships and corporate resources. Of the 34 local brokers, there is an average tenure of 10 years, during which they have developed a vast knowledge of the local market in which they reside. This long history makes CBRE|Raleigh the perfect partner for developers interested in Raleigh-Durham.


Beyond a lower cost of living and doing business, companies are flocking to the Triangle to take advantage of the vast, educated workforce. The region is home to 12 colleges and universities, three of which are tier-one research universities. “The talent level of our market’s workforce is a key driver for companies looking to start, relocate or expand their operations here,” said Executive Vice President Brad Corsmeier of CBRE|Raleigh. Companies such as Apple, Google, Fuji, and many other globally leading companies are choosing the Triangle for access to quality talent that will drive their operations forward.


The Triangle is not the only local market seeing an increase in interest from developers. In fact, this is becoming a trend across the country as developers seek to capitalize on the many benefits of working in smaller markets that are on the rise. Some other markets that are experiencing increased interest from national developers include: Austin, Nashville, Charlotte, and Tampa. With this rise in popularity, now is the time to join the trend and that is where CBRE|Raleigh can step in. CBRE|Raleigh has the tools and resources to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate world.


“​​Large Fortune 100 companies spend a lot of time determining the right location for their businesses in the country, and beyond. They’re coming to the same conclusion we are and that’s that Raleigh-Durham is absolutely the place to be,” said Senior Managing Director Tom Fritsch of CBRE|Raleigh.


With the increase in the Raleigh-Durham market comes an increase in the level of sophistication commercial real estate companies need to offer, but CBRE|Raleigh is well-positioned to help clients succeed in this rapidly evolving market. The company’s edge is its combination of local expertise with the backing of the largest commercial real estate company in the world. This sets CBRE I Raleigh apart and gives them a unique perspective on the market that allows them to advise clients in the best way possible. Through services such as market analysis, project management, and lease negotiation, CBRE|Raleigh is a go-to partner for many companies in the Triangle region. “We have many clients that we’ve worked with for 20 years. The knowledge that we have of our marketplace and the length of time we’ve all spent in this industry allows us to superiorly understand the market because we’ve lived and breathed it for so long,” added Corsmeier.


CBRE separates itself from other companies because of the global reach it has as the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world. Today, CBRE has over 105,000 employees in more than 700 offices across 100 countries. This reach allows CBRE to offer a global perspective on the market and helps them to better advise their clients. In today’s market, it is becoming increasingly important for developers to have a local partner that they can trust. With CBRE|Raleigh, developers get the best of both worlds – a long history of local expertise combined with the resources of a global company.


This article was written for our sponsor, CBRE|Raleigh.